Farming Business

Agritur Maso Tobel
Farming Business
Camere - Agritur Maso Tobel
Our farming business was founded by the passion of grandfather Mario and Massimo who wanted to recover the traditional agricultural cultivation of the area,
including grapevines, higher up to olive trees and chestnut trees.

The farming Business

In 2000, we were able to recover the abandoned olive grove where our Holiday Cottage Tobel now stands.

In 2009, we were able recover pastures and a chestnut wood on the top of mount Tombio where since 2010 a flock of about 20 sheep (breed Tingola undergoing extinction) graze freely throughout 8 hectares that surround the Austrian and Hungarian Fortris of Mount Tombio and help us keep the land mowed...

Our family will be happy to greet you even during olive and chestnut harvesting season that we produce organically.

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